About Us

Lansdale Borough, officially incorporated in August 1872 and named after Phillip Lansdale-Fox, the chief surveyor of the North Penn Railroad.  Lansdale Borough is 2.99 Square Miles and has 48 miles of ordained streets.  The population of Lansdale Borough is just over 17,000.

Lansdale Borough Police Department, created in 1900, started with one officer.  Over the years, the town has grown, and so has the Department.  The Lansdale Borough Police Department has a staff of 43.  At the helm is the Chief of Police.  Other essential roles in the Department are Lieutenant, Sergeants that lead the Detective Division, Community Service Unit, and the Patrol Unit. Another vital division of the Department is the Professional Support Staff.  Also, the Department includes a Parking Enforcement Officer and Crossing Guards.  The Lansdale Borough Police Department is open 24/7, 365 day a year and handles approximately 20,000 calls for service every year.