Threatening Phone Call Investigation

On Monday, February 7, 2022, the Hatfield Township Police Department was made aware of an offensive and threatening voicemail left on an office phone at A.M. Kulp Elementary School.  The message was left over the weekend during a time the school was closed.  The Hatfield Township police department’s detective division has opened an investigation into this incident and this investigation is ongoing. 

While this department does not comment on the investigative steps being taken or the progress of an active investigation, we feel it is vital to acknowledge that we understand the deep concern and anxiety that this incident has caused our community.  To be clear, we agree with and stand with those who have spoken out against such hateful words. There are no circumstances in which this type of misinformed, vicious communication is an appropriate way to raise questions, voice concerns, or express dissenting opinions.  There is no place within any community for such vitriol, let alone when it is directed at those who educate our community’s children.  

Updates will be made available as the investigation continues.  If anyone has any information regarding this investigation, please contact Det. Eric Geiger at 215-855-0903.  Tips can be left anonymously on the Hatfield Township Police Department’s CrimeWatch page.