Department Personnel

Hatfield Township Police Department employs 29 full-time Police Officers and three non-sworn civilian staff members, who provide police service to both Hatfield Township and Hatfield Borough.  The police department serves a total population of over 20,000 residents and covers approximately eleven square miles.

The Hatfield Township Police Department is comprised of three Divisions; the Administrative Division, Patrol Division, and Investigative Division.  The Command Staff consists of Chief William Tierney, Lieutenant Jane Robertson, Lieutenant John Ciarlello, Sergeant Jeff Boyd, Sergeant Christopher Graham, and Detective Sergeant Richard Hoffner. 

The Administrative Division is managed by the Chief and is comprised of Lieutenant Jane Robertson, Lieutenant John Ciarlello, an Executive Assistant, a civilian Evidence Technician, a part-time Data Entry Clerk, and Crossing Guards. The Administrative Division is responsible for the internal functions of the police department, accreditation management, and supervising the civilian staff.

The Patrol Division is supervised by Sergeant Boyd and Sergeant Graham. The Patrol Division is broken down into four Patrol Squads that each consist of four Patrol Officers and a Corporal.  The Officers assigned to the Patrol Division work twelve hour shifts rotating between day and night shifts. The Patrol Division is the largest and most visible segment of the Police Department. 

The Investigative Division is supervised by Detective Sergeant Richard Hoffner and consists of three Detectives.  The Investigative Division handles criminal investigations and other serious incidents which require substantial follow-up or other investigative expertise.  They also provide support services for the Patrol Division.