Over the past several weeks, the Upper Moreland Police Department has taken numerous reports of thefts from vehicles. These incidents tend to occur overnight in a geographical cluster - whether it be a neighborhood or apartment complex parking lot. The thieves will check for unlocked car doors or smash windows when valuables can be seen inside. Money, credit cards, wallets and more have been taken. 

Multiple vehicles have been stolen due to criminals finding ignition keys inside. If presented with the opportunity, thieves will steal the car. 

We urge you to take the following steps to not fall victim to this crime:

1. Lock your car doors every night. Make sure your windows and sunroof are completely closed. Never leave your keys, including a spare, inside your vehicle. Activate your vehicle alarm if your car is equipped with one. 

2. Remove anything of value from your vehicle. Phones, jackets, purses, airpods, electronics and even loose change should be removed. A criminal will break your window for just a few cents and hope they can find more. 

3. Report suspicious activity. If you see someone looking into car windows, pulling on car doors or a car alarm going off for longer than 30 seconds after dark - CALL 9-1-1

4. Consider motion activated flood lights and security cameras in your driveway (if you park your car there). If you park on the street or in a parking lot, park in the most well-lit area. 

5. Register your outdoor security or doorbell cameras here. UMPD may contact you and ask you to review them if a crime occurs in your neighborhood. 

6. ALWAYS call 9-1-1 if your car was entered or broken into, even if nothing was taken.