A new school year is set to begin next week in Upper Moreland Township! Upper Moreland School District will open on Monday, August 29th. Queen of Angels will be open on Tuesday, August 30th. This means buses will be out, children will be walking, and Upper Moreland Police Department will be actively patrolling the school zones and bus stops to keep our students and their families safe. We ask for your patience while bus drivers, parents, and children get acclimated to the school year. We remind you of these traffic laws:

- When the SCHOOL ZONE lights are flashing, the Speed Limit is 15 MPH. UMPD will strictly enforce school zone speeds throughout the year. 

- All vehicles are REQUIRED to stop for children in the crosswalk and allow them to cross. We see careless drivers failing to do this on a daily basis, particularly on York Road near Brooks Street at the beginning and end of the UMHS school day. 

- When school buses are loading or unloading children with their red lights flashing, it is ILLEGAL for vehicles to pass the bus. UMPD has zero tolerance for this safety violation. You will be ticketed, leading to heavy fines, a license suspension, and 5 points on your license. When the bus activates it’s yellow warning lights as it prepares to stop, all vehicles are to begin coming to a stop.

- It is ILLEGAL for vehicles to use the turn lane on Terwood Road to get around traffic in and out of the High School and Eastern Tech School. Leave home earlier and be patient. 

UMPD wishes our residents a happy and safe school year! Please do your part in keeping our students safe!!