New Crime Mapping and Analysis System

Upper Providence Township Police Department Launches New Crime Mapping and Analysis System that gives the Public Access to Crime Information in their Neighborhood.

Upper Providence Township Police Department, in partnership with CRIMEWATCH™, announces the release of a new crime mapping and analysis system that brings near real-time transparency to police incident responses.

“Allowing the public access to a crime map with information about crime and criminal activity in their area was long overdue.  This is yet another tool that will allow the police department to be transparent with our community.  With this new Crime Mapping System, our residents can see street-level views of verified incidents.” – Chief Mark Freeman

CRIMEWATCH™ developed a comprehensive crime mapping and analysis tool that empowers residents to monitor and understand crime activity in their local vicinity.  All access is free, and community members can sign up to receive notifications for activity from the police department.

Residents can view the Upper Providence Township Police Department crime map by visiting the department’s CRIMEWATCH web portal here and then clicking the “CRIME MAP” button in the main menu.  Or use this direct link:

While browsing the crime map, viewers can filter by incident type and date.  With the map controls, viewers can change the map style, enable heat mapping, view individual incident details, and view in multiple languages.

Beyond the public-facing mapping, additional analysis views are available only to law enforcement users.  These services allow the police department to quickly analyze incident data to identify potential crime trends and other patterns found with criminal activity.