New Police Chaplain Program

In January of 2019, Chief Toomey created a Police Chaplain Program.  The purpose and goal of the volunteer program is to provide increased sensitive responses to the public in times of crisis and to provide members of the police department with any personal assistance they may require.

The requirements and role of the police chaplain consist of the following:

  • The chaplain will be a volunteer chosen from the religious community within Upper  Providence Township with 5 years of pastoral experience
  • Tactfully relate to all people regardless of race, sex, creed, or religion
  • Must be willing and able to serve the Chaplaincy by being subject to 24 hour call-out when requested
  • The Police Chaplain will be assigned to the Chief of Police in such cases of an officer involved shooting, death, or serious bodily injury. The Police Chaplain will accompany the Chief of Police when making any family notifications concerning the death or serious injury of any officer
  • The Police Chaplain may assist Department officials during major emergency incidents, i.e., major disturbances, natural disasters, major accidents, etc.
  • A Chaplain may be called upon for matters pertaining to moral, spiritual, and/or religious welfare of police personnel or a private citizen where religious guidance is requested to address a crisis situation.
  • Chaplains shall not attempt to convert, proselytize, or bring into their religious affiliations members of the department, or the general public while they are assisting the department, unless a person requests information about the particular faith of the Chaplain.

We'd like to congratulate Pastor Scott Wendal, Associate Pastor Lemar Eifert, and Associate Pastor Greg Joyner from the Valley Forge Baptist Church ( ) on being officially sworn-in as our Police Chaplains.  Valley Forge Baptist Church has been an ardent supporter of our Police Department and we are very grateful for the commitment that all three Chaplain's has made to our officers, citizens, and community.