Protect Yourself from Theft

There has been an increase in the amount of thefts from vehicles occurring in the Township and we need your help! These are typically crimes of opportunity, so please do your part and make it more difficult for the thieves to be successful: Be sure to lock your vehicle when it is not in use, and do not leave valuables in it unattended. Turn on your vehicle's alarm if it has one. Report any suspicious activity immediately, like people lurking around parked cars during the late night & early morning hours, or if you hear car alarms going off in your neighborhood late at night. If you have video surveillance, such as a Ring doorbell or security cameras, try to park your car within view of the camera. If you hear about thefts happening in your neighborhood, even if your vehicle wasn't hit, check your video - you may have footage of the thieves walking by, or even trying to get into your car. Click on the image to see the full info-graphic and feel free to share it!