The Upper Moreland Police Department continues to operate 24/7 during the Corona Virus (Covid-19) outbreak. Please do not hesitate to call for police assistance.  However, we have temporarily changed some of our response methods during the outbreak in order to protect the public, and wanted to make our community aware of those changes.  While we will answer every call for service, non-emergency incidents (such as theft, fraud, vandalism, etc.) may initially be handled by a phone call from an officer in order to maintain the CDC prescribed social distancing concept.  The need for in-person follow-up by an officer will be determined on a case-by-case basis and may be delayed.  We will continue to respond directly to all emergency and life safety incidents as we have always done in the past.  Regardless of the nature of the incident, someone from the police department will provide guidance and an explanation of what the police response will be in regard to each specific call for police service.  We understand that this is a very fluid situation that changes not only day by day, but sometimes hour by hour. Please click on the hyper link below to go to the Montgomery County website for updated information on the Corona Virus.