Welcome Abdenour Fahem-Badge #63

We are pleased to introduce Badge #63, Officer Abdenour (Steve) Fahem, to our community.  Our newest police officer has been sworn in and he is eager to get out an meet our residents!  Of course, for several months, he will be under the guidance of our Field Training Officers but that won’t stop him from introducing himself to Upper Gwynedd Township.  Welcome!

Abdenour Fahem – was born and raised in Algeria, Africa, where he was a shepherd and a farmer.  He obtained the equivalent of an Associate’s degree in English in Africa before he emigrated to the United States in 2009.  Soon after he became a citizen in 2013, he joined and served in the Army.  He has studied at Drexel University and also completed the Montgomery County basic Act 120 police academy.  Fahem speaks 5 languages: English, Spanish, Berber, Arabic, and French.  He has a second degree black belt in karate.  Fahem has been working as a part time police officer in West Conshohocken since October of 2018 and Telford since July of 2019.  Both departments spoke very highly of Fahem’s performance as a police officer and an employee.