We mourn with our Philadelphia Police Brothers and Sisters

Law enforcement officers share a common bond. We have a drive to help and protect those we serve. This is the career that we have chosen or perhaps has chosen us. We are a family even if we don't personally know each other. As you can imagine, when one of our own is slain in the line of duty it is a very difficult time for not only the officer's family but also for the extended family in blue. When the time arrives to formally mourn the passing of an officer we typically have a large funeral which includes a gathering of officers from all over the United States, and sometimes the world. The funeral then forms a large procession which escorts the officer to his final rest. 

Today, however is not a typical time in history. In light of the current Corona Virus, and the requesit social distancing, a normal funeral was impossible at this time. Philadelphia Police Department did however arrange for a funeral procession to pass by Corporal James O'Connor's home. Thousands of officers took part including several of our marked cars and one of our police motorcycles. Below are several pictures from today's somber recognition of Corporal O'Connor and his family.

Rest in peace Corporal O'Connor and my your family find peace during these terrible times.