Beware of Apple scams!

I feel like I hear about a new scam every week and the scammers are always finding new ways to get money out of unsuspecting victims. A scam we have seen happening recently is someone will call Apple Support with a problem using their cell phone. They will be connected to what they believe is Apple Support, but what is happening is scammers have been able to intercept these calls that are originating from cell phones. At this point they will try to get the victim to give them payment information. They may say it is to update payment information or they may say they need to be paid in advance in order to fix the problem for the caller.  Unfortunately, we have seen a few cases now where the scammers have been successful in their attempts. This is a very advanced scam because people who are knowledgeable in how to avoid potential scams honestly believe they are talking to Apple Support, when their call has been intercepted. There are no telltale signs that the call has been intercepted.

In speaking with Apple, it seems that the only time this happens is when the calls to Apple Support are being made using cell phones. If possible, use a landline phone when calling because the scammers are not able to intercept calls from a landline phone. Also, Apple Support should not be asking you for payment information. It is never a good idea to give payment information over the phone when you cannot confirm who is actually on the other end of the line.

As always, the best way to prevent yourself from becoming a victim is by doing your due diligence. It is okay to ask questions when you are unsure or tell someone you will call them back. Check previous bills for contact information and call those numbers directly. Call your local police and ask questions. We would always rather talk to someone beforehand rather than see them scammed out of their hard earned money.