Special Needs Registry

Law enforcement and other first responders frequently have contact with residents who have communication, cognitive and physical needs that make providing services to them more difficult. Emergency situations often create high anxiety, excitement and physical demands thus exacerbating these pre-existing conditions. In an effort to preemptively address these needs, the Upper Gwynedd Police has embarked on an initiative to better assist our residents with special needs.

Special needs can include, but are not limited to, elderly, dementia, Alzheimer's, autistic, or any other cognitive or physical condition which may require specific attention or assistance in an emergency. UGPD officers are compiling a database which will provide first responders with the information they need to help a special needs resident who is without their caregiver, who may have wandered from home or who otherwise is in need of assistance.

As officers come in contact with special needs residents, they will be asking their caregivers to voluntarily fill out a "Special Needs Registry" form. This form will provide the officers with vital information to ensure the special needs resident is properly cared for in an emergency situation. All information in the registry will be held in strict confidence.

Please feel free to contact the police department if you or someone you know might benefit from participation. The form is available at the police office or it can be downloaded below.

PDF icon Special Needs Registry Form