About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of the Upper Gwynedd Police Department is to perform police services in a highly professional and ethical manner, in partnership with the community we serve, and to whom we are accountable.

Core Values

To effectively perform our mission, we must maintain the confidence, trust, and respect of our community. The following core values will be strictly adhered to at all times:

Dedication: All personnel are expected to serve our community with the highest degree of professionalism. As individuals, members and employees will constantly strive towards improving themselves and the unique talents and skills that they apply to the performance of their duties. As a department, as a team, all personnel will combine their skills and abilities in ways that strengthen and greatly enhance the police services provided to our community. All personnel will commit to excellence in the performance of duty.

Integrity: Nothing less than total candor and honesty is required, of all personnel, when making official reports, providing testimony, and dealing with any and all internal matters.

Fairness: Members will act with justice and equity when exercising their endowed legal authority to uphold the Constitution of the United States, the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the ordinances of Upper Gwynedd Township. No employee or member will be governed by feelings, save zeal, to do what the law commands. We will act not for ourselves, but for the public which we serve.

Courage: When faced with danger, we will take calculated risks to protect savable lives and put the safety of innocent persons before our own. Courage will be demonstrated not only by physical acts, but by intellectual and moral acts which will be pursued, despite adversity, to uphold the law.