Scam Phone calls

Lower Pottsgrove PD and surrounding departments have been receiving numerous reports of phone scams recently. With taxes due this week and extension due in July residents are warned to beware of these calls and not give out any personal information. DO NOT wire or send any money to the callers.  The callers are contacting residents phones from out of state numbers and threatening that criminal charges have been filed or outstanding IRS debts are owed . They will then demand money be wired to them or gift cards be mailed to relieve the parties of legal actions.   The IRS does not work in this fashion. Please pass along this information to your family and friends who may not have access to this information. These are not legitimate calls - DO NOT FALL FOR THE SCAM.  If you are concerned call your local police agency to report the calls.

Residents can also notify the Department of Revenue's Fraud Detection and Analysis Unit at 717-772-9297 or email them at