Police Chief Almost becomes Victim of Phone Scam

WARNING - Social Security Phone Scam!!

This afternoon at about 4:30 Pm, Lower Pottsgrove Police Chief Michael Foltz returned home from work to find multiple messages left on on his home answering machine stating that he was to call the Social Security Administration about a "suspension notice against your social security number by the Federal Crimes & Investigation Department".  The Chief attempted to call the number provided on the voicemail and received a male with a foreign accent who requested personal information.  The Chief, being alert to such scams, refused to provide any information and reminded the person that they had called his home number (numerous times and numerous messages throughout the day) and should have it on file.  The suspect hung-up.  The Chief researched the calls and found this to be a known scam.  

Chief Foltz reminds all residents to be alert to such scams and to be aware they should never share personal information with unknown callers over the phone.  Research indicated the Social Security Administration would never make such call threatening suspension of you Social Security number and that no such action is even a valid process - they do no suspend social security numbers.  Most likely this would have led to the caller requesting personal information to commit fraud or identity theft and/or requesting money be wired.

No one is exempt from these scams!  Be alert and notify your relatives, friends and neighbors to beware. If you receive such call, DO NOT CALL BACK and DO NOT GIVE ANY INFORMATION to the caller(s).

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