A Bunch of Animals Place Trash Can inside Hill Top Drive-in!

A Bunch of Animals Place Trash Can inside Hill Top Drive-in!

Thats right!  A bunch of animals recently placed a silver trash can inside of Hill Top Drive-In.  The Owners and staff of Hill Top Restaurant recently joined forces with contracted Lower Pottsgrove Township Animal Control Officers, Jon & Tracy Daywalt.  They are seeking the publics help to acquire much needed supplies to support our local furry animals that remain in custody, or will be apprehended soon.

In all seriousness, Animal Control has placed a donation bin, in the form of a silver trash can, inside the local eatery where residents can place donated items for the support of the animal control program.  Items such as pet food, toys (without stuffing), leashes, bowls, blankets, towels and general purpose pet-friendy cleaning agents are being accepted (see attached flyer for specifics).  All donations will be collected and utilized by the ACO's to help keep costs down and keep the wayward pets safe, healthy and happy. 

Lower Pottsgrove Township contracts animal control services to the Daywalt's for the low annual fee of $5,000.00.  This fee covers unlimited response to calls throughout the township, including compliance checks, recovery of stray animals, animal related investigations and handling of violations of dog law to name a few of their responsibilities.  The annual fee covers not only the cost to maintain the animals in their care, but also covers their wages, fuel and vehicle maintenance expenses, and other related costs.  "Considering the amount of calls for animal related issues in the township, this is a bargain deal for our taxpayers."  Additionally, our ACO's are trained to handle these animals, which allows our officers to concentrate on other crime related issues or public services they are best suited for.  Before the township contracted ACO services, officers were getting bit, resulting in workers compensation claims and lost time at work, and at times flea infestations in our vehicles.  Previously, officers spent considerable time chasing down stray animals and then transporting them to facilities outside the township (often to the Perkiomenville shelter of the SPCA).  Most recently, officers captured and injured juvenile hawk which needed to be taken to a facility in Chalfont, PA; this was handled by the ACO officers.

We, as a police department, than the ACO for their services to our community. We hope you can support their cause!  Come out today and help the animals that invaded Hill Top.

See ACO Daywalts FaceBook Page here https://www.facebook.com/aco.daywalt?__tn__=lCH- R&eid=ARCBqUHadA5bPKD0TZhgyRQ5w8AUorBqIl80hwx4NRGwa7zK_nbzS1GGEVH_gVGx4mrAMNH77MljeiB3&hc_ref=ARTC-QDfkkMHxxz8gacXEjgxZH4IwYV-cJr47OwEwCAQNFn86SvWUCoa-OffXL3PbYw&__xts__[0]=68.ARBuf9GOkMbSqNZzQ5Ld8U_CMr9f9cA4PiZBT52hbFhAm46hEP4BF7-irGAoEWzGBtqceJwcfkw8ky2oPdt6PPlQD-ZXXYxEEkiuzsnBFhL7zNsKc3fDR8ZEGLVewxeU0CyTuBzPa3MRi54t_S7fejgIYQGd10e5sMKkyPkJU6mG0IS-pv9HHPB2LCZwl-8alj8oVp9hFdZTuId4gDeZVmS483W0UR42-4dMBbo-hn-A2e_jiXTcjp5VhKIfUI8m5VhxgYN_2_0Gxdtd6ZPcqc8Ni-KkaDxlqEkLGrwdhQ6LCFcECOrOPFrrvm0MXgQpIeFc_IeVrC3WoahAyFG2uYtIvw