Police Thwart Significant Loss in Fraud Scheme




There has been a recent rash of over the phone scams in Lower Pottsgrove Township, targeting elderly citizens. The latest scam was that the victim's great grandson had been arrested by a local agency and required bail. The victim was told to send cash to a New York, Florida, and Maryland addresses and not tell their family about the arrest or sending of bail money. The victim sent a total of forty thousand dollars in cash. Lower Pottsgrove Police were able to recover $31,500 dollars by contacting the various parcel services involved. Fortunately, relatives alerted authorities in a timely manner resulting int he success in stopping the parcel deliveries.

We are warning all residents that if there has been an arrest of a family member the Police will never ask for cash. You are advised to contact the arresting agency directly and verify that there has been an arrest. You are also encouraged to consult with family members and Police prior to sending any money or releasing of personal information to a potential scammer. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2019
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