'Tis the Season for FIREWORKS...can you get prison time for setting them off?

Could I get jail time for setting off fireworks?  

The PA Senate is reviewing a bill that could sentence a person to five to ten years for setting off fireworks. 

The proposed bill will allow local municipalities to place their own restrictions on the type of fireworks and when they can be set off. 

For a recent news story, see Fox 29 news.

PA Senate reviewing bill that could result in prison time for setting off fireworks

So what type of fireworks are currently allowed in Lower Moreland Township? 

According to Township Ordinance 106- 3. Restrictions on all Fireworks.

1. The use of fireworks, whether consumer or display, shall be strictly prohibited at any location within 150 feet of any structure, property line, vehicle or roadway.


2. The use of any fireworks shall be prohibited within any closed structure, building or tent.

3. The use of any fireworks shall be prohibited in any Township park unless approved by the Board of Commissioners.

For more details regarding the township ordinance regarding fireworks, visit LMT Fireworks Ordinance

For additional details on Pennsylvania's fireworks law, please visit PSP Fireworks Safety.   

We want everyone to be safe during the upcoming July 4th weekend and throughout the year. 

We recommend you consider going to a professional fireworks display in the region (not to mention they are usually FREE!)