We receive many calls regarding soliciting in Lower Moreland Township. 

Here are just a few quick answers to common questions: 

1. Is soliciting permitted in Lower Moreland Township?     YES

2. Is a permit required?     YES

3. What should I look for to see if a solicitor has a permit?   The solicitor will be given a badge from LMPD which is to be worn/visible at all times.  The permits are good for 30 days and the badge will have an expiration date.   They are also to carry some form of identification, such as a driver's license. 

4. What time are solicitors allowed to knock on my door?  Monday through Saturday during daylight hours.  No soliciting is allowed on Sundays or on any state or federal holidays.  

5. How can I prevent solicitors from coming to my home?    You have several options.  Visit NO SOLICITORS FOR ME for details. 

For more information, visit the NO SOLICITATION LIST tab in CrimeWatch or the Township Ordinance related to PEDDLING AND SOLICITING.