On Monday 04/25/2022, LMPD responded to the report of a residential burglary in the area of Byberry Road and Huntingdon Pike.

The burglary is believed to have occurred on 04/25/2022 between 15:30-16:30 hours. Two residents left the home at 15:30 hours to go to a restaurant and upon returning approximately one hour later, signs of the burglary were observed by one of the victims, who is a juvenile. The burglary was not reported until approximately 20:00 hours after another resident saw the same signs on the 2nd floor and ultimately recognized a burglary occurred.

Two different glass doors in the rear of the home were shattered and furniture adjacent to both doors was observed to be pushed aside. The doors were not near each other and both lead to different rooms inside the home. It is believed entry and exit was made through the doors since no other doors or windows were found open, unlocked, or ajar. Unfortunately no blood was observed from the shattered glass.

Only the 2nd floor was ransacked. Every bedroom appeared to have been entered and stolen from the home was cash, designer purses/bookbags, and jewelry. A large safe was removed from its location to a hall area inside the master suite. It was forced open on-scene which appeared to have taken a lot of force.

A Sig Sauer firearm, and its box, had been removed from the safe. The gun box had been opened and the gun appeared to have been handled but was not taken. It was left on the floor of the master suite near the safe, but outside its box. The gun had a fully loaded magazine in it and the hammer was observed to be pulled back.

There were no video cameras in or around the home and nothing suspicious was seen by any neighbors. There are no photos of any suspects or suspect vehicles. Items were swabbed for DNA and taken for processing.

If anyone has information or photos/videos, please contact Detective Halota at or 215-947-3132.

Monday, April 25, 2022 - 9:00pm

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