On 03/31/2022 LMPD took several reports for thefts of catalytic converters from vehicles parked at businesses on an industrial road not far from County Line Road and Heaton Road, including one tow company.

Video surveillance revealed there were three male offenders who appeared highly organized and coordinated with one another. One offender was obviously leading the acts. When he whistled, the other two appeared. When he pointed in directions, one of the other two would either run off in that direction or remain where they were. It was obvious one was being used as a look-out near the street area of the businesses and the other remained with the bags while the “leader” cut the items from the vehicles.

All three were seen only on foot. One was carrying a large duffle bag and the other had what appeared to be a ruck sack. Once the cat cons were cut, they were placed into one the bags carried by the group. 

There were blinking light fixtures hanging from two of the offender’s waist area and the Sawzall they used was affixed with a mounted light. No vehicle was ever seen on any video surveillance. At times, the “leader” momentarily placed the Sawzall on top of a tire, as if hiding it in case they were contacted. They were slow and paused often to look around and stand still and, although they were extremely cognizant of surveillance cameras, it was obvious the presence of the cameras did not deter them.

They were observed wearing masks and hoods and placed gloves on right before committing the thefts. A total of five (5) cat cons were stolen, all from Ford pick-up trucks and Ford Econoline vans. The thefts occurred on 03/31/2022 between 00:15-01:30 hours. The race of the males could not be discerned but it appeared they could be light skinned.

If anyone has suspicious home surveillance video or information, please contact Detective Halota at or 215-947-3132.

Thursday, March 31, 2022 - 12:00am

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04487, 04498, 04520 DET HALOTA

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