Highway Safety Unit


The Hatfield Township Police Highway Safety Unit is a specialized unit that is an integral part of the department. When the unit was formed several years ago, it was only a three Officer unit. Due to an increase in serious accidents and a growing need for more highly trained officers, the unit now consists of seven specially trained Officers. These Officers are all certified in accident reconstruction, with each respective member having an area of expertise. All members take part in investigating serious and fatal accidents and conducting traffic surveys.  The unit also carries out aggressive driving enforcement details, truck safety inspections, and seat belt usage details. All Highway Safety Unit Officers are members of the North Penn Area DUI Enforcement Team, which is active throughout the year. All in all, the Highway Safety Unit is recognized as one of the finest in the area.


  • Cpl. Michael Sloan - Head of Highway Safety Unit
  • Sgt. Jeffrey Boyd
  • Officer Mark O'Donnell
  • Officer Ken Peck -  Federal Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program (MSCAP) Compliance Officer
  • Officer William Summerfield
  • Officer Anthony Baker